Join Rana Kordahi for a 70-minute live webinar replay which will equip you with all the tools breaking through even the most resistant jobseeker on your caseload. Learn communication and motivational methods to be able to help more people break through barriers and gain sustainable employment. 

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Help more unemployed people with barriers back into work?

  • Learn key skills in how to influence even the most resistant clients?

  • Are there some jobseekers on your caseload who could use some motivation?

What you will get out of this webinar replay

  • Learn about why your job seekers are resistant to work, and what to do to limit resistance.

  • Develop key methods of how to influence your job seeker and build a lasting relationship.

  • Utilise motivational interviewing tools.

  • Learn how you can facilitate change.

  • Discover how you can motivate your job seeker to want to create a more compelling future.


  • How does it work?

    You will have access to a pre-recorded live webinar to be completed in your own time within 30 days.

  • Does this course ever expire?

    Yes, it expires in 30 -days.

  • What happens after I enrol?

    You will receive an automated email with a welcome email and instructions on how to log in and set your password.

  • Can more than one person access this course?

    Unfortunately not. Each enrolment is for one user with their own unique login details. Sharing passwords, or login details with others will result in the user getting kicked out of the portal. We use AI that tracks irregular IP usage.